Residential Painting

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    Residential Painting

    Painting your home with the right colours completes the overall look of your house. If you do not know where to start, our team of professional painters will gladly assist you in painting the interior and exterior parts of your home.

    Peacock Painting offers a wide range of professional Exterior and Interior house painting services in New South Wales, Australia. Our team takes pride in bringing your home’s vision to reality by completing your house’s overall look through painting.

    With 11 years of experience, we commit to provide you with the best quality service possible. We will make sure to fulfil the requirements that would make you comfortable staying at your home.

    So, how will our professional painters take care of your house? The first process involves a thorough discussion with you to ensure that we are working on the same page. We will talk about your requirements, the theme you are going for, and your likes and dislikes in a house.

    Residential Painting

    Our team will also consult you about the colours that you would like in your residence. If you are not sure yet, we will gladly help you choose the right shade that matches your preferences and aesthetics for the house.

    The next step refers to a thorough preparation that needs to be done before painting your residence. We will ensure that the exterior is clean and the decorations inside your house are protected to avoid unfortunate accidents from happening.

    Once the discussion and preparation are complete, we will start painting your house. We will keep in touch with you as we paint your residence to accomplish any requests you may have during the process.

    It may take some time to complete the job depending on how big your house is, but we ensure to complete the work as fast as possible while still delivering an excellent-quality painting job.

    Make your residence stand out amongst others with Peacock Painting

    The house is where you live. It is essential to feel comfortable and cozy while staying in your home, and you cannot do that without quality paint that completes the look of your residence. Thankfully, Peacock Painting can get the job done while fulfilling your requests and demands for the exterior and interior painting in your house.

    Our team of experts will deliver you the best residential painting service possible by:

  • Discussing the details before painting
  • Preparing several processes to avoid accidents
  • Fulfilling your painting requests and demands
  • Communicating with you at all times
  • Selecting the right colours for your house
  • Completing the work fast while delivering a quality service
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