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Our team is passionate about painting your vision into reality,

whether for residential, commercial, or industrial properties.

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    Who We Are?

    Peacock Painting is a reliable and trustworthy painting professional in New South Wales, Australia. With 11 years into the business, we provided our clients with excellent-quality work towards their painting needs and requests

    We also understand, as professionals, how vital the quality and colour of the painting is to complete the look of a house, company, or building. This reason is why our team is passionate about fulfilling our client’s vision into life by delivering excellent work when painting their property.

    What makes us different from other painting businesses is how we hire employees in our company. Peacock Painting only employs qualified professionals with at least five years of experience, and we do not accept apprentices in our team.

    We do not just hire anyone to work with us since we highly value customer service to give our clients 100% satisfaction. Thus, you can trust us to deliver an excellent-quality painting on your property, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial areas.

    If you are looking for expert painters in New South Wales, Australia, you do not have to look any further. Peacock Painting is ready to deliver professional work at your service. We can make any request that you have and fulfil your property’s vision by painting.

    Peacock Painting is available to serve within New South Wales, Australia, including the Upper North Shore, Northern Beaches, Lower North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and Hills District.

    At Peacock, we strive to deliver :

    Excellent-quality Painting Services

    Our team only employs professional painters with at least five years of experience to ensure excellent-quality work. Thus, you can rely on us to fulfil your vision by painting, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial properties.

    Highly-trained Professionals

    Do you have a bad experience with your previous employees? Well, you can rest easy since our team is composed of highly-trained and qualified professionals to do the job.

    Best Prices

    Are you on a budget? Peacock Painting can tailor a price suitable for you while still delivering an excellent-quality work of painting on your property.

    100% Customer Satisfaction

    Peacock Painting highly values our customer’s service and satisfaction. You can trust us to do the job according to your requests and needs without any issues.

    Why Choose Us?

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